Colleen Adams

Barefoot Witch

I live in the Dallas Texas area, I work as a Life
Coach and Healer. I do most of my work while
bare foot, so that I can absorb the Earth’s energy, and stay grounded. I use what I feel to help clear
and protect those around me. This has gotten me the nickname of The Bare Foot Witch.
I am a spiritual intuitive, guided by a keen sense of intuition and a profound connection to the
metaphysical realm. I can sense energies beyond the physical. Through practices such as
meditation, divination, and energy work, I’ve honed my intuitive abilities, offering insights and
guidance to those seeking clarity on their life path. My purpose is to assist others in navigating their
spiritual journey with wisdom, compassion, and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of
all things.

Regina Blatt

Cast Member, Producer, and Concept Creator

I have always been fascinated by the paranormal world. Having many experiences from a young age, I now know that I am an Empath.  I can feel the emotions of the living and the dead.  This gift helps me connect and have a better understanding of the spirits at each location we investigate. My connection to the spirit world became greater after my sister committed suicide and my Dad passed from cancer. I began to get signs from them that they were around. I couldn’t ignore this opportunity to explore the other side. I have been a paranormal investigator for over a decade and feel that it is important to share my findings with all that are interested. The more we can learn about the afterlife, the more we bring awareness and comfort to those who no longer have a voice.

Chris Marie 

Investigator, Host & Executive Producer

Chris Marie is a paranormal investigator in search of a deeper understanding of the afterlife. Having never felt a calling to one religion or belief, she is focused on finding where she fits while continuing to pursue the paranormal. Her journey began in Nashville, TN when she joined a team of female paranormal investigators. Through their guidance & mentorship she discovered her gifts weren’t quite so unusual. Since realizing she wasn’t alone in her intuition & senses, she yearned to bring her experiences to TV so she can help others on their journey. She hopes to educate & open minds while continuing her own intellectual growth of all things supernatural, metaphysical and beyond. 

Sarah Martucci

Psychic Medium

Sarah has been a professional psychic medium for 10 years. She is also a certified crystal healer and paranormal investigator and loves anything strange, unique or unexplained. Sarah believes that everyone has a story to tell, and that if we tune in and listen to Spirits wisdom on what their living experience was, it can consciously guide the way we are telling and living the story of our own. Sarah also hopes beyond hope that Sasquatch is real and will never stop believing that she’ll see him one day

Lee Pigg

Paranormal Investigator and EMT

My name is Lee.  I grew up in southern TN.  At an early age, I noticed things that would happen around me but did not understand that it was the possibly paranormal until I started as a paranormal investigator.  Since then, I have realized that I am an empath and have the ability to sense when a spirit is near.  Since I started actively investigating, I have dedicated myself to learning more and broadening my abilities and now I have the honor to investigate with an amazing group of people while learning their own talents and gifts here on The Others Side.

Hailey Stark

Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor

Hailey is an explorer of paranormal phenomenon and mysticism. Hailey is an intuitive and spiritual advisor. After researching many different belief systems and through exploring her abilities she felt called to begin studying Shamanism. She has been recognized as being a powerful individual by the shaman community in eastern Colorado. She is a constant seeker of knowledge and is exploring the positive aspects of several different spiritual practices. She has been involved several paranormal investigations across the United States. During these investigations she has communicated with several spirits and has cleansed the participants of the investigations at the conclusion of the investigations. It is through the observance of several different shamanic practices as well as pagan belief systems she can use her wide range of knowledge to properly adapt to and overcome a wide variety of challenges during investigations.

Steve Wagner

Shaman, Paranormal Investigator

Steve is the founder of Integrated Shaman Shamanic Practice, a member of The Foundation for
Shamanic Studies, an author, ordained minister, and a paranormal investigator.
His exploration of World Religions at the UCA Honors College led him back to his indigenous roots, a
formal study of Shamanism, and other spiritual practices. During his training he was designated
“fireman” for the Lakota Inipi (sweat lodge) and vision quest. He established the Shamanic Journey Circle and Earth Medicine Chakra Workshops at the Academy of
Holistic Arts in Little Rock in 2016. He held Teaching Circles at his home 2017 through 2019, and in 2020,
he developed the Shamanic Consciousness Integration (SCI) neo-shamanic holistic energy treatment,
integrating a full-spectrum chakra-biofield healing with the ancient ritual of Soul Retrieval. Steve also
performs house clearings, removing negative spirits, entities, and energies from homes and property.
Steve published SIMPATICO and its Essential Supplement in 2021, and Practical Ways To Be More Spiritual in 2022

 Maeve Wilders


Witchcraft high priestess, ancestor-guided bone-thrower, Tarot reader, Reiki master, death doula, ordained minister offering LGBTQ+, and pagan-friendly wedding services.

Maeve’s practice began as a child with her great-grandmother as they performed rituals like dowsing for water or throwing stones to divine the best places to plant in the family garden. Maeve continues those traditions with her granddaughter today. After her “first career” in law enforcement, she transitioned into the medical field and became a Registered Nurse. Maeve has worked directly with vulnerable souls on many different life-paths, learning and touching their hearts and souls along the way. Maeve is currently the owner and operator of Bell, Book and Bone, a company providing intuitive and ancestor-spirit-guided Tarot and bone readings for individuals and groups in private settings or at events.